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When you just start your career as a programmer, you have to learn not only the syntax of the language, but also the basic principles of programming, to understand how the machine processes commands and how it thinks. You must learn to understand how everything works, and how programs are written, and then new languages ​​will be given easily.

When you already know at least one language, switching to others is quite simple, especially if the ideology and syntax are similar. But most languages ​​are still similar and very often based on the syntax of the C programming language.

First of all, I advise to learn the API functions, at least the basic ones. It will be impossible to know everything, because there are so many of them. And it does not make sense, because there is the Internet where you can see everything.

I always recommended trying and always advise you to start writing something yourself.

I believe that practice is the main assistant in learning programming languages.

From the latest examples – to learn Objective-C, I started writing a small game called 1st World Wide Wall. When I just started writing this game, I didn’t know the programming language Objective-C, and I didn’t work with OpenGL for about 8 years. But I started writing a game, at the same time I learned Objective-C and remembered OpenGL.

Learning and practicing at the same time help to assimilate any material, because you can see how it works. You study and try at the same time, reinforcing everything with good practice. And the better and more interesting the practice for you, the better it will be remembered.

Not all of the trial projects I wrote were perfect. I would even say that most of the first were frank bullshit, but so I gained knowledge and experience. Sometimes I sacrificed a lot to try and experiment.

Well, real skill will come only when I retire.

Try to use the code editor less, and write all the functions and methods yourself. Here is that de song itself, after a while you will be able to write code even in a text editor.

Now, when you already feel that you can write code yourself and have passed the stage when you can say that you have already become a programmer, then you can already switch to using components and libraries. They can save time during development, but they are very relaxing.

Never learn more than one language at a time.

Also, I do not recommend using more than two languages. Even though I worked with different languages ​​and studied them for general development, I still always concentrated on only two and no more. Now I prefer C # and PHP.


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